2016's Hidden Gems

This has been a rich, diverse, empowering year in music. Yes, it’s been marked by loss and struggle, resistance and protest, but it’s also been pretty phenomenal in terms of new releases, emerging artists and returning favourites.

However much we at CBC Music try to and want to cover everything though, it’s just not possible. We miss songs, or we want to cover things but we run out of time, or there are just limited resources. We’re a mighty team, but a small one, and we’re so grateful for this opportunity to share our hidden gems from 2016.

Here's mine (via CBCmusic.ca):

Mild High Club, 'Skiptracing'

Alex Brettin’s Mild High Club has mastered its loungy and psychedelic sound in two short records, the second of which was released on Stones Throw Records in August this year. Steeped in 1970s nostalgia, the album is a chilled cocktail of abstruse lyrics, swirling synths, and fuzzy guitars. Its title track, ‘Skiptracing,’ couldn’t be a better opener, promising sunny, feel-good vibes, which the rest of album delivers with ease.