16 Songs We're Grateful For this Thanksgiving: Kamasi Washington, 'Clair de Lune'

We asked CBC and CBC Music producers from across the country to tell us about the song they're thankful for and why. The results are everything you could possibly want in order to prepare for a weekend of family, friends and plenty of food. From lovely memories of grandparents and children to an epic tribute to Rush, please enjoy this very personal playlist and the songs we're most grateful for this Thanksgiving.
Here's mine (via CBCmusic.ca):

When I’m in a somber mood, this unusual rendition of Debussy’s seminal piece is a warm and comforting blanket. But on brighter days I hear this song and spend the 11 minutes wondering how I would dance to it, if I knew how to dance. Thank you, Kamasi, for beautifully bridging the gap between classical music, jazz and soul.